About DTCox Images

David T Cox has been photographing for over 40 years. Since 2001 he has traveled the world extensively, about 5 months per year, to photograph archaeological sites and artifacts, World Heritage Sites, and wildlife, particularly birds.  All wildlife and bird photos on the site are of wild creatures; that is, no photos are of animals or birds in captivity. 
All digital photos are at original pixel resolution, or in rare cases reduced.  (Many photographers upsize their digital files before posting; while upsizing is always possible with clean hi-res digital images and desirable for producing large to very large prints, I believe this should be left in the hands of those purchasing images.  To do so on "original" images posted for sale, without disclosure, could imply that the original images were produced on a larger sensor than was the case, and  therefore that such images can be upsized further.) 
Mr Cox may be reached at CoxDavid55@Hotmail.com, or by using the "Contact" link on this site.